Элитный эскорт в агентстве Queens Palace

Photoreport from the protection of diplomas. 11\05, 12\05, 14\05

We hope you will remember these days,

as one of the best memories in my life!

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Powertrain op com diagnostic

Powertrain Control Module In A JeepThe Powertrain Control Module abbreviated as PCM is placed in the engine area. PCM is also mentioned as JTEC which is Jeep/Truck Engine Controller. It is a per-programmed triple microprocessor digital computer. The operation of fuel system, regulating ignition timing, air-fuel ratio, emission control devices, several transmission features, charging system, control of speed, air conditioning compressor, clutch engagement and the dead speed, all of them are operated by the PCM. It is an important component.The input signals from different switches and sensors are sent to the Jeep PCM. Various engine and vehicle operations are regulated through different system components with the help of PCM. All of these components are specified as Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Outputs. The switches and sensors which provide inputs to the PCM are known as Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Inputs The PCM helps in adjusting ignition timing which is based upon the inputs it receives from the sensors which react to engine rpm, engine coolant temperature, manifold absolute pressure, transmission gear selection (automatic transmission), throttle position, brake switch and the speed of vehicle. PCM helps in adjusting the idle speed which is based on inputs, which it gets from the sensors.The Jeep's Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is actually equivalent to a central processing unit in a computer; PCM is used to relay the information from all of the Jeep's electrical relays. Engine trouble and problems are also relayed to the driver and provides the automatic regulation of some functions; such as, air-fuel mixtures and piston firing.Wiring a PCM in a Jeep:it's a simple matter to wire a PCM in a Jeep, and only takes a little time for the procedure; it only involves connecting two wires. It is as simple as that. Firstly, you would have to slide your Jeep's new PCM into that area where your old PCM was placed. Then a socket set is used to replace the mounting bolts at the bottom of the PCM to hold it in place. The positive connection wire which is branched off from the battery's positive cable is connected to the positive connection terminal on the new Jeep's PCM. It will clearly show the positive mark. The ground wire then should be connected to the negative connection terminal on the new Jeep's PCM. Both the negative and positive battery cables should be replaced on the Jeep with the help of socket set.